Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016/2017 Schedule

Race 1 - October 1st and 2nd - Arcadia
Race 2 - November 5th and 6th - Fort Myers
Race 3 - December 17th and 18th - Homestead
Race 4 - January 7th and 8th - Kissimmee
*Race 5 - February 4th and 5th - Arcadia
*Race 6 - March 4th and 5th - Kissimmee
*Race 7 - April 8th and 9th - Fort Myers
*Race 8 - May 6th and 7th - Homestead
* Means it is part of the Region 4 series.
There will not be a "Sour Grapes" race. The awards will be handed out the first race of the following season.
The season will be 8 races with 1 drop. Drop will be figured after race 4 with the points. Trophies will be awarded for anyone attending 6 races.
Qualifiers will be 7 minutes instead of 4.
Saturday, We will run 3 qualifiers. 11a,1p and 3p.
On Sunday 1 qualifier and then mains.
A new class has been approved. 1 speed buggies. Franco is working on the rules and we will be posting them. In order for this class to be run we must have 4 drivers.