Monday, October 11, 2021



Race 1) October 8th and 9th - Fort Myers
Race 2) November 5th and 6th - Arcadia
Race 3) November 10th thru 13th - Cow Patty Classic - Arcadia - Double Points
Race 4 December 2nd thru 11th - Miami GP - Homestead - Double Points
Race 5) January 7th and 8th - Homestead
Race 6) February 4th and 5th - Fort Myers
Race 7) February 8th thru 11th - Florida Winternats - Fort Myers - Double Points
Race 8) March 4th and 5th - Arcadia
Race 9) April 1st and 2nd - Homestead
May 6th and 7th - Sour Grapes Trophy Race - Fort Myers

Rules and schedule changes:
1) No track will be open on Friday.
2) Saturday open practice until 2:45pm then 1 qualifier round.
3) Sunday 2 rounds of qualifiers starting at 9am. Then mains after. Will try and do hour break in between last qualifier and 1st main. Have to see how we are doing on time.
4) All Nitro qualifiers will be 4 minutes with a 3-minute warmup. A Mains will be 30 min, B - 25 min and all others 20 min.
5) Electric GT will have a 7-minute qualifier - Double A Mains 7 minutes each.
6) Classes - Not sure if we will have a sedan class. A lot have switched to 1/8th. Will have to see who plans on running and maybe split in 3 classes, example Masters, Pro and Open. Also, we will have GT Nitro and GT Electric.
7) Race Fees - Race fee will be $45.00.
8) All the tracks will have Danny for our Photo and Video needs. I sent him the dates so let's hope he has no conflicts.
9) Drops: 1 drop from 3 double points races and 1 drop from single point races.

 you can ask any questions about this race on the FORGASS Facebook page